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Symplifica has developed a tech platform that facilitates the formalizing of payroll and benefits for domestic workers and their employers in Bogota, Colombia, reinforcing job security and worker protections.
Two women stand in a kitchen
Domestic workers who are on the Symplifica platform at their workplace in Bogotá, Colombia. Photo courtesy of Symplifica
Investment size $2.45M
Type Direct
Geography Latin America and the Caribbean
Date 2021

Theory of Change

By formalizing employer-employee relations, Symplifica will contribute to broader social recognition across the region of the labor rights of domestic workers, resulting in improved pay and benefits.

Challenge and Context

Domestic care work around the world is predominantly carried out by women. Much of this work is low-paid and informal, with little or no provision for paid vacation time, sick leave or employee benefits, and often with no contributions into state social security and pension systems.


Symplifica has built a tech platform to help domestic workers and employers in Latin America to manage their payroll, benefits, social security, and legal status. It will reinforce a growing legal recognition by governments across the region of the labor rights of domestic workers, and strengthen worker protections across the sector.

Expected Outcomes

In five years, we expect Symplifica to have formalized over 100,000 employment relationships in Colombia and Mexico.


This investment is aligned with Open Society’s broad grant giving to local partners and advocacy in support of domestic and informal workers across Latin America and globally.

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