Catalyzing change through impact investing

The Soros Economic Development Fund is the impact investment arm of the Open Society Foundations. We make private-sector investments to advance the Foundations’ enduring commitments of equity, expression, and justice.
A person working on solar panels on a rooftop
Deployed as of January 2024 $400M+
Invested in fragile, frontier, and emerging market countries 92%
Countries we’ve invested in 60+

Who We Are

We work globally to support the programmatic strategies of the Open Society Foundations across regions and themes.

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Two men work at a workbench
Workers at a Roma-run stove company cut foam pieces in Martinova, Slovakia. Open Society has supported efforts to increase access to capital to the Roma community. © Akos Stiller

How We Work

We harness the power of private capital to pursue rights-respecting, justice-enhancing, systemic change.

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Domestic workers gather for a training session in Newark, New Jersey. SEDF is investing in opportunities that strengthen protections and opportunities for care workers. © Ed Kashi /VII/Redux

Our Investments

We prioritize a range of themes, including: access to medicines, climate justice, the care economy, independent media, racial justice, and other issues central to advancing open society values.

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