Access to Medicines

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Three medical professionals working while people queue outside the window behind them
People queue at a COVID-19 vaccination site at a hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe, in March, 2021. © Tafadzwa Ufumeli/Getty
We seek to support innovative businesses that put affordability and accessibility at the heart of what they do. We aim to achieve this goal by shifting research and development, manufacturing, and distribution capacity to the Global South where local needs, experience, and leadership can better influence and shape incentives for the industry as a whole.


  • Increased research and development capacity and manufacturing of low-cost medicines and health technology in the Global South.
  • Increased awareness among investors of opportunities that enable low-cost manufacture and equitable licensing and pricing. 


Key Geography

Sub-Saharan Africa 



Type of Business Entity

For-profit and social enterprise providing affordable access to the following goods and/or services:

  • Health equipment for symptom mitigation and treatment (e.g., oxygen, ventilator parts, etc.)
  • Diagnostics, vaccines, and treatments
  • Personal protective equipment


All investments are aligned with Open Society’s grant giving and advocacy in support of access to healthcare in general, and access to affordable drugs and therapies in particular.

Investments List

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